Garage Doors in Norwich.

KLIC Home Improvements deliver and install high-quality Replacement Garage Doors. Improve and complement your home with a wide range of beautiful designs and styles suitable for your home. Our product range not only improves the aesthetics but enhances your home security.

By purchasing your garage door from KLIC Home Improvements you can be assured of the highest level of, safety and security, in line with our commitment to quality products.


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High Quality Garage Doors.

We can supply and fit one piece Up and Over Doors, Roller Garage Doors or Sectional Doors for your garage. Select between a manual and a fully automated system. These bespoke garage doors can be made to your size, style specification and colour preference. All our doors are made of high-quality materials. Moreover, your new garage door installation and units are competitively priced and carry a full warranty package.

Let us take down your old wooden garage doors and replace them with a modern new door today.

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Range Of Styles & Colours.

No matter the look you are going for, we have something for everyone. From sleek modern styles to more traditional garage doors you can be sure to find something to bring life to your home.

KLIC Garage Door Types

Our range of new garage doors can not only make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your home, they also can also greatly improve security and convenience. Our garage doors are built with robust construction, making it unlikely you’ll need garage door repairs any time soon.

Up-and-Over Garage Doors Norwich

This classic garage door design gives your home a timeless visual appeal that serves a purpose. Choose between steel or glass-reinforced polyester (GRP).

Roller Garage Doors Norwich

This convenient and practical overhead door design is ideal for improving spatial efficiency. This option is available in a range of polyester colours, and textured woodgrain finishes.

Sectional Garage Doors Norwich

This sectional door design offers maximum space as its design allows it to open upward and slide in parallel to the ceiling. Made with high-quality materials, you have the option of customising this design to suit your home’s existing style.

Automatic Garage Doors Norwich

We have the mechanical expertise to fit your manual garage doors with an automatic stop and reverse mechanism, making them convenient even as secondary entrance doors. Upgrade your door system for better functionality and improved security, whether it be a traditional old garage door or a smart new roller door, with our remote control system.

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Our Reviews

Read why our customers loved using KLIC Home Improvements to transform their home!

Bob Lloyd
Bob Lloyd★★★★★
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We recently had new upstair windows fitted to our property. The fitters arrived at 8.30 in the morning and left, having cleared up all the mess at 5.30pm. The guys were very friendly and did an excellent job.
Elizabeth Boydon
Elizabeth Boydon★★★★★
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Process from start to finish was easy and convenient. I put the enquiry in, someone got back to me almost immediately and arranged to come and talk through my needs at a time convenient to me.
Thommy H
Thommy H★★★★★
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Efficient, friendly service. Installation was carried out over two days, fitters were prompt and polite and left no mess! Windows look good and the effect on our home's energy efficiency is already noticeable. Happy to recommend.
Jenny Brightwell
Jenny Brightwell★★★★★
Read More
I had windows and door fitted and they are great. They were unusual sizes but Klic Home improvements were not phased by this. Great job, very efficient and the installer was great, very professional and cleaned up after himself. I would definitely recommend this company
Samuel Frost
Samuel Frost★★★★★
Read More
Great service from start to finish. Salesmen was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Kept up to date throughout manufacture of windows. Installation team was top class kept workarea very tidy and made sure job was done right and to our satisfaction.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Roller Garage Doors are installations that are becoming increasingly popular. Having a Roller Door is a good idea for several reasons:

  • Weather Protection – Norwich is far into East Anglia, and therefore experiences a lot of cold maritime climates. This can range from heavy rains to storms. As a result, our expertly crafted roller garage doors will offer your garage adequate protection.
  • Space Saving – Available area is at a premium in Norwich. Our roller garage doors roll upwards, giving as much breathing room as possible whilst keeping perfectly functional.
  • Security – Like most major cities, secure locks and doors are in high demand. Our Norwich roller garage doors have been constructed with strong material and modern locking mechanisms, such as multi-locking points, strong locks and anti-lift mechanisms.
  • Energy Efficiency – Around 20-30% of energy is lost through typical garage doors in Norwich. As such, our roller garage doors are a useful investment due to the cold temperature, and the high costs of energy. With insulated garage doors, you can find yourself saving on bills in no time with your home’s energy efficiency being boosted to the point that you will likely end up paying for your garage doors somewhere down the line.
  • Design – Klic Home Improvements’ Roller Garage Door comes in a wide array of styles and colours, making it easy to match the design of the well-known Norwich historical and picturesque charm.

Get in contact with our exceptional customer service team today for a rundown on our roller door selection.

Up-and-over garage doors are popular for a range of reasons:

  • Clear Front Area – Norwich has quite a few properties with limited driveway space and narrow streets. An up-and-over garage door retracts into the garage along horizontal tracks, only taking up the area on the roof, leaving most of the area free.
  • Cost-effective – An up-and-over garage door is more affordable to the average homeowner than our other modern entries, making them great for customers who are conscious of their budget by offering a great price.
  • Weather resistance – Our garage doors are made with fantastic construction materials, so you can rest easy warding off harsh maritime weather so you can relax in reassured peace.

A sectional garage door, not to be confused with hinged garage doors, is a type of door that is composed of horizontal panels, connected by hinges that fold as the door opens. They are a good fit due to the following reasons:

  • Space – Norwich residential areas can be closely built, with limited space for a driveway. Sectional garage doors open vertically, meaning it does not need additional space in front of your garage.
  • Insulation – Whilst the UK is cold, Norwich is a maritime area with a range of cold, wet weathers. This makes insulation a great addition to your home.

Automation – Whilst most doors in our list can be automated, sectional garage doors are almost always compatible. This is due to a range of factors, but mostly their balanced, consistent nature. This makes it a good fit for Norwich, as automation enhances all benefits of the garage door by offering maximum efficiency.

Automatic garage doors make for an excellent home improvement due to their wide range of functionality, from being secure entrance doors to ensuring your doors’ strengths are bolstered by consistency. If your existing door is compatible, we can fit it with the right remote control system for you, enhancing your home with the following benefits:

  • Convenience – Norwich’s tendency to have heavy weather can make leaving your car to manually open or close your garage a pain. However, with our remote system, you can easily open your garage door at the press of a button.
  • Safety – A motor is not just a glorified remote control button, but also has several safety measures on top of the modern locking mechanisms it comes with. It will not close if there are obstructions in the way, for example.
  • Security – Our advanced locking mechanism is enhanced further through a built-in alarm system that will alert you and authorities should it trigger.